Sunday, December 5, 2010

Yay, a new kitty!

Getting a new cat to add to the family can be very exciting, unfortunately to many cats are taken back to shelters because of stuff that can easily be helped or avoided! So before taking new kitty's back to the shelter or anywhere else, remember these things!
It's normal for new kitty's to hide when they first get to their new home! They are in a totally new environment, and this can be scary. The best thing to do when your new kitty runs and hides under the furniture of in the closet, is to not force them out! Petting them, and making soothing soft clicking noises seems to show some good results. Put some water near them and a place to go potty and allow them to get used to their surroundings. Put their food farther away from them then the water,so when they get hungry,they will have to leave their hiding place and see for themselves what the outside world is like. After a little while (and remember, this can take up to a few days,but don't be impatient, kitty's get stressed easily!) your new kitty will soon start to explore.
Make sure the litter box is the first place you place them. Doing this shows them where to go to the bathroom,that way the chances of them having a accident goes down. Be sure to have one litter box for each cat,and change the litter at least once a week! Jiggys favorite litter is the saw dust pellets that you can get at any feed store. Once a day just gently shake the litter box back and forth,and then the pellets that have fallen apart from kitty cat pee pee will shift to the bottom, this helps control them smell and makes cleaning easier. Be sure that there is at least three inches of litter and not more then five inches!
Be understanding! If you get a kitty from the shelter,there is a chance that kitty was mistreated at his old home, so if they scratch you or a little, one, keep in mind that bad memory's will remain with your fur baby, but soon he or she will realize that you love them and they will eventually stop. However there are just plane cranky cats. If this is the case,don't get their claws removed though it is a safe procedure,what happens if kitty really does need to protect himself and he doesn't have the tools to do it?! Not to mention their poor little paws will hurt for some days after! Try and keep them filed of trimmed to reduce injury caused by a grumpy kitty.

Recommended kitty products
  • Blue Buffalo  is made of real meat,no byproducts of fillers. This is a great food,it keeps kitty happy and healthy,and they dont put anything in that an actual person couldnt eat!
  • Feline Pine cat litter is great! If you are looking for something less expensive or want more for your money, a feed store in your area should have pellets in the bedding isle.
  • Litter mats can greatly reduce the amount of litter that kitty take out of the lbox with,him. Just place it in front of the litter box and when kitty steps on the soft rubber spikes,the litter will come off his feet. You can find these at walmart or pet supply store.
  • Scratching posts save your furniture! You can get these usually at any place that sells pet supplys. Jiggys recommends the kittys trees, place in front of a window so that your kitty can lay in the sunshine and scratch to his hearts content on the post.
If you want to help a cat or dog,but can have one in your home, then facebook has a great application!
Save a Cat and Save a Dog allows your to virually foster a real cat or dog, by visiting you earn points, which then are put into cups of food!

Feel free to put in comments with your own advice about getting a cat!


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