Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Holidays! Kitty cat safety tips!

The holidays are meant for everybody to enjoy, and this includes your kitty! However many cats meet a tragic end during this time of year, so lets prevent this and keep these things in mind!

Tinsel is pretty and all but if your cat swallows it, it could end terribly. In the best case scenario kitty will throw it up all over the nice new carpet leaving a stain as a constant reminder. In the worst case scenario it will end with a trip to the vet, possible surgery costs, etc etc. So keep tinsel to a minimum this year and instead try a safer alternative and get (or make!) strings of beads to wrap around your Christmas tree. Making the beads stings is easy, affordable, and fun art project! Best of all,kitty will safe!

Cords have been and always will be a danger to cats.However during the holidays there are a lot more, so it poses and even bigger danger.Repair chewed on cords from last year with electrical tape that you can get at any hardware store. Keep a water bottle handy so that when you see kitty about to chomp down you can spray his fuzzy butt. Unfortunately you cant sit there 24/7 to make sure kitty doesn't try and eat them, try your best to cover them as well as possible whether it be with a blanket and an actual cord cover.

Dressing your cat up for Christmas,or any other holiday you may celebrate can be down right adorable, however cats tend to frown upon it greatly and try to chew it off. So use thick ribbons around your neck, or go to your local pet supply store for holiday costumes.

-chocolate or anything else with sugar
-egg nog
-milk of any kind

Keep away mistletoe,holly berry,cedar trees, and poinsettias. Even so called safe plants need to be out of reach from kitty.

When guests come over, keep kitty locked in a separate room to avoid stress.

On Christmas Jiggys has is own little special dinner. I put put a few spoon fulls of tuna on a slice of sandwich turkey (or ham if your cat prefers) and then put the tuna juice in a little bowl for him to drink. This idea will cause no harm the kitty's digestion. Try giving kitty the tuna in water, instead of oil, to make it even better for him!

Post pictures of your kitty all dressed up for the holidays!


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