Saturday, December 4, 2010

In Memory of Mooni

In memory of Jiggys brother, Mooni, this blog has started. That way pet parents can avoid the same mistakes that were made with Mooni.
Mooni was a shy but sweet,cat. He was found during a vacation in New Samerna Florida. He was the runt of the litter, and very sickly. After a few days and lots of calories poked into his little mouth he was finally brought away from deaths doorstep. He was brought then to his new family's home,where he lived a very happy life for the next 8 years. Unfortunately his family's youngest had left a balloon ribbon within Mooni's reach,and it was then eaten. His mommy walked into the room and found the ribbon hanging out his mouth. After some tugging in hopes it wasn't all the way down, he was rushed to the vet, and it was to late. The ribbon had wrapped around his little intestines, and his mommy couldn't afford the surgery and had to make a terrible and hard decision.So now her and his brother Jiggys decided to start this blog, so that other kitty's wouldn't suffer in the same way that Mooni did. Not only are the simple things here but also things that have been researched, and even links to vets, shelters, and places that take kitty's that are being hurt by their mommy and daddy and give them to new ones so that they are given the love and care they need.
If anybody has any questions or want some advice that they cant find, email the blogger at
Thank you for reading, post pictures of your fur baby (or babies!) for others to see!

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